Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Get out the red pens! This is query version number... ack, I hate to think of it. The query has been making the rounds, but I can't leave it alone because it hasn't produced the expected result! Any and all (especially detailed) comments greatly appreciated. Looking forward to reading yours.

Dear M. Nificent:

Teen astrological time twins become closer than sisters until ghosts, guardian angels, and the charms of a boy force them to choose between bonds that unite and faith that divide.

Sixteen-year-old Laynie McAllister thinks her ditzy mom's paranormal beliefs are cracked. Then she meets Gwynne Rath, a newcomer born on the same day... at the same minute. The time twins share creepy, amazing life parallels. With this supernatural gift of the sister she's always wanted, her mom's New Age beliefs suddenly make sense.

Gwynne adores her new BFF, but not Laynie's weird supernatural theories. She doesn't know who or what to believe when haunting incidents uncover the truth about her parents' deaths years before. Confused, she writes off her remaining family and clings to the sisterhood. But still she falls for Declan Lake, the boy Laynie has loved forever. The love triangle tears the twins apart.

Laynie summons her guardian angel for counsel, but two show up. Laynie believes the lost one is Gwynne's. To restore their friendship, the twins need to confront Declan and reconcile the angels. Laynie insists transferring the lost angel will seal their sisterhood forever. Gwynne has adopted twinship, wondered about ghosts, and felt the feathers -- but she isn't sure a guardian angel is her thing. When Laynie talks her into a paranormal meditation, it becomes a dangerous showdown. Gwynne must decide if she can accept the beliefs that are not her own -- or lose the closest family she's ever claimed.

Thank you for considering CLOSER THAN SISTERS, Contemporary YA in alternating first person. The manuscript is 65,000 words. The opening is below.

Happy reading,
Lori Ehrman Tinkey