Friday, February 25, 2011

Testing, testing... is this thing on?

Hello everyone and yes, I'm aware 'everyone' is pretty much... um, me. Well, there's always the proverbial 'myself and I' to add, but why would I want to be clever just for me?

The other day I posted on Facebook, wherein I've invested a good deal of my momentary social time without leaving my computer or saying a word, "I'm officially rejoining society." Why? All my Facebook friends know, having lovingly commented their cheers through each chapter until the final middle-of-night announcement of a completed second novel. As my kids used to say an eternal couple of years ago, yay for me! Jk, as they say now.

But then I got to thinking -- am I ready to rejoin society, the kind with the ordinary leisurely pursuits and time-sucking rationalizations? For one, I wrote this book to read -- for other people to read, that is. That takes some doing, and all these crowding ideas for more stories seek the light, too. Secondly, is it the physical society I'm looking to rejoin, or an existential band of like-minded folks in similar pursuits (as mind-bending as those pursuits may get?).

I remember how much fun it was last time around, blogging for fitness and tweeting in connection with the writerly world until The Novel usurped the air for even a solitary chirp. It was a mountain-top experience, all of it. No regrets. And now on this second rotation of the wheel, indeed the society I wish to rejoin has altered from the one I left behind... and it's better than ever.

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  1. Hello, Lori. I'm curious, did you publish your first novel?